6 advantages to having a new fence


Your property will be safer and harder to break into when you have a new secure fence fitted. It has the added advantage of keeping your children and pets in your garden and strangers and stray animals out. Your new fence can protect your property, your flowers and shrubs by acting as a wind barrier. It can also protect you from the sun by adding some shade in certain parts of your garden.


You can sit and relax in your garden without prying eyes watching what you and your family are doing. If your new fence is high enough, it will stop people looking and climbing over to see if you are in or not and will stop people being able to see what you have inside your home.


Your fence will act as a sound barrier reducing all the noise from outside including the traffic, especially if you live near a busy road.


Our fence panels are designed and made to last for a very long time. They need little maintenance.

They just need to be protected once a year with a special varnish or paint that will not only make them look good but will also protect them from the rain and damp weather.

Loads of Variety/decorative

The good thing about fence panels is that there are so many styles to choice from. They can be matched up to suit the style of your property and the size. You can choose between timber fence posts or concrete fence posts to go with your wooden fence. You can add top trellis to your fence panels to make them look good and to add a bit of height to your fences. Decorative fence panels look amazing. You can have a 3ft fence around your front garden and a 6ft fence around the back. The choice is really yours.  They can really change the appearance to any home.

Cost effective

Because our fence panels have been made to last, you should not have to change your fence panels for quite some time. Making your fence panels very cost effective. You may have to change one or 2 every now and again if they have been damaged by the weather but this would not cost a lot to do. It really is a good investment on your home that will keep it protected in more ways than one.

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