Patio Installations

If you want to add a touch of class to your garden, then having a patio layed could be the perfect solution. Not only does a patio give you the option to be able to sit outside and have your dinner, entertain family and friends when the weather is nice but it will also change the whole appearance to any garden that was completely covered with grass.

There is an unlimited amount of choices of what you can have when it comes to having a patio layed. Firstly you have decide on the overall design. Then there is the actual paving slabs, the colours you would like, the pattern and finally how much of your garden you would like paved. If you are really not sure about what you would like then we can offer our expertise and advise you on what would be ideal with the space you have. We want your patio to be exactly how you imagine it to be.

Your garden should have its many uses, a place to party, play, sunbath and most of all, it could be a little piece of paradise.

We can advise on the best location in your garden to lay your patio, such as placing the patio where the sun shines mostly to optimise its use. We can add a path so you are not constantly walking on the grass and ruining this and add some paving edging just to finish it off. Please take  a look at our gallery to see what type of patio you would like. Our experienced team can again help you with the overall design if you are not sure what to go for. We will then come at a time that is convenient to you to lay your new patio.

Our patio service includes:

  • Garden patios
  • Garden paving edging/kerbs
  • Garden paths
Patio Installations
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