10 ways to spruce up your garden

  1. Adding colour – Just by adding some colour to your garden can really make a difference. You can do this by planting different coloured flowers in your flower beds, in hanging baskets and in flower pots. There are so many flowers for you to choose from and because there are flowers that come out at different times of the year, your garden will never need to look horrible and bare.
  2. Adding lights – It really is amazing what a bit of lighting can do to your garden and because you can buy lights that are solar powered there really isn’t any reason why you cannot have as many lights around your garden as you like. They look very effective in your flower beds, around shrubs and hedges and even fairy lights in your trees can look very pretty indeed. Lights can be used to highlight ponds and pathways making it easier for you to see where you are going in the dark.
  3. Adding a pond – If you really love fish then having a pond in your garden is a perfect idea. It can make a lovely feature while having somewhere for you to keep and look at your colourful plants and fish. It can also attract other wildlife and insects that you would not normally see if you did not have a pond. The sound of the running water can be very calming and relaxing while the fish will certainly keep your children or guests captivated.
  4. Adding a water feature – A water feature will certainly enhance your garden. The sound of the running water is soothing while adding some tranquility into your life. Your water feature can block out some of the sound of passing traffic and even your neighbours. There are so many different varieties of water features to choose from so you will find one that will suit your home and garden.
  5. Garden furniture – Ok so you have a lovely garden, but what is the point if you have nowhere to sit and be able to admire your beautiful surroundings. Having a lovely garden suite is a great investment. They are made from waterproof materials so they can be left outside all year round. You can choose from a small set of garden furniture or a larger set if you like to entertain. Your furniture can be spruced up and be made to be more comfortable by adding colourful cushions.
  6. Artificial grass – Having a perfect lawn takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. There is the constant battle of keeping the weeds at bay while needing to mow it every couple of weeks. You then have the time in between autumn and winter where it is too cold and wet to do anything with it. There is one solution to this. Why not consider having artificial grass. You will never have to mow it, no weeds will grow through it and it is very practical and durable while being very cost effective. It really does look amazing so something definitely worth considering.
  7. Decking – decking has become a popular feature in many gardens. It is an ideal alternative to having a patio layed. It can add extra space to your garden and will give you somewhere practical to entertain your guests. You can choose from a number of materials for your decking but wood is still the most popular material to go for. Your garden furniture would look amazing on your decking.
  8. Having a summer house – Over the years, summer houses have become more affordable making it possible for more and more people to have them. There are so many advantages to having one so if you have enough room in your garden then a summer house will be a great idea. You could use it as a games room especially if you have always dreamed of having a pool table or your very own gym. You could have a bar in your summer house which will be ideal for when you are entertaining or you just might need somewhere to store all your garden tools and furniture throughout the winter months. Whatever the reason, a summer house will always be a good investment.
  9. Hot tub – Just imagine, you have had a hard stressful day at work. What would be nicer than coming home and relaxing in your garden in a hot tub? They are relaxing and can help with a lot of health problems. They do not take up loads of room in your garden and can be installed where ever you like.  You will be the envy of all your family and friends who will probably visit you more if you had a hot tub, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It’s a perfect way to end the day.
  10. Keeping your garden tidy – So if you are happy with the way your garden is, and do not need any of the things we have mentioned, then just by cutting the grass, pulling up the weeds and having a few flowers beds, can still make your garden look amazing. You really do not need all the fancy stuff but to give it some attention once a week will be enough.
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