Hedge Cutting, let us cut and maintain your hedges

You may not think it, but just by having your hedges cut can really change the whole appearance to your home. Why not impress your friends, family and neighbours with well-kept hedges. Tidy hedges make your property appear orderly and cared for.

If this is something you have not really thought about until now because the view from your windows is spoilt by overgrown bushes, the pavement is obscured by overhanging hedges or perhaps the upkeep is too much to do on your own, then just by reading through our website, you can see this is a problem that we can help to correct.

Having hedges around your property can be a good way of giving you some extra privacy from your neighbours or from the people in the street. They can act as a good sound barrier from the traffic outside but if they are not trimmed regularly then they will grow out of control and even too high for some people to contend with. We at Jungle Gardens specialise in hedge cutting and can cut these down to a good size so you still have the added advantage of privacy and noise reduction.

This service is ideal especially for properties that have been left for long periods of time and need lots of attention. If they are kept well maintained then it could cost you a lot less money in the long run and can even make it easier for you to do yourself.

Regularly trimming and pruning of your hedges stimulates new growth, helps keep their shape and general health of the plant. Having hedges can also help to establish the clear boundaries of your home and a great hedge gives it added curb appeal. As a company, we will always take into consideration the wellbeing of any hedges we work on. If they are really overgrown then a chainsaw may be needed, but in most cases, we will use hedge trimmers. We do recommend that you get the professionals in when it comes to doing this. Some people can get very carried away with a chainsaw as we have seen on many occasions.

When we have finished this job, the work area is always left tidy and your garden waste will be disposed of in an environmentally way.

Hedge Cutting
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