Answers to the most common questions we receive.

My tree is unhealthy. Will cutting it back help it?

Branches and leaves are vital in keeping your tree full of life. Pruning a dying tree can actually have a counteractive outcome. Before interfering with a sick tree, it will be best advised to seek our tree felling services.

How often can you visit and maintain my garden?

We offer a flexible maintenance service. Your garden can be visited weekly, fortnightly, monthly and bi-monthly. Talk to us if this is not suitable for you and a personal schedule will be arranged.

What do you do with garden waste?

Caring for the environment is very important to us. After we clear and clean up the area, the waste is taken to a local recycling centre.

When will I be able to mow my new lawn?

Mow your lawn if it has grown an estimated 30mm – 50mm. This could take between 2 – 3 weeks in summer. Always check to see if your lawn can take the weight of you and the mower first.

How can I tell if the fence is mine or my neighbours'?

All the information you need to know about who’s fence is who’s will and can be found in the deeds of the house purchase. You can also ask your neighbours if they know. If you cannot find the deeds and your neighbours’ are not sure themselves, we advise that you contact the solicitor who acted for you during the purchase of the house or call the Land Registry on 0870 0100299. As a general rule, if the fence’s framework is on your side then it tends to be your fence. Or, if you want to pay for your neighbours’ fence, you may have the right of say in the design and install process.

How much do you charge for your tree felling service?

All our prices vary depending on how many trees you would like cut down or removed completely. We give a free quotations so it may be a good idea for us to come and evaluate exactly what you would like us to do.

Is it possible to have the stump removed?

Yes, this is possible at an additional cost. Please feel free to contact us about more information about this service.

Once the trees have been cut down to ground level, will they grow back?

If we have not been asked to remove the stump, then we will treat it with an herbicide which will prevent the tree from re-growing.

What happens to all the trees that have been felled?

Some parts of the tree can be used for other things like bio fuel. The wood could be processed into firewood and timber and the rest is 100% recycled. We like to do our bit for the environment.

Can you carry out the work when I am not there?

Yes, as long as we can get into your garden and the access is clear, then we can carry out the work as soon as we get there.

Will you need to go next door?

Yes, in some cases we will need to go next door. If the trees are on the boundaries then it is likely that the sawdust will go into next doors garden. We will go in there to clean this away.

Is it possible to see what your other clients have said about your previous work?

Yes of course, if you would like to take a look at our testimonials page and gallery, you will see how good our services are. We promise you, you will not be disappointed with our work.

I have a property that is overgrown due to no-one living there at the moment. Can you help to get it back to a manageable state?

We would love to help. No job is too big or too small for Jungle Gardens. We can dispose of any garden waste you might have, chop trees down, cut the hedges back and generally tidy up your garden. All our staff are experienced, very friendly and hard working.

How high can my fences be?

If you are having fencing around the side and back of your property then they can be up to 2 metres in height. If you are having fencing around the front of your property then they can be up to 1 metre in height. You can always check with your local councils as they can sometimes vary depending on what borough you live in.

Are the fences already treated?

Most fence panels we supply are treated before they get to you. But you can help to maintain the fences by treating them yourself every year. This will prevent them from rotting and decaying.

Can you work out how many fence panels I will need?

Yes, we can come and give you a free quotation and advise you on how many would be suitable for the size garden you have. We can discuss what type of fences you would like.

Quite a few of my fence panels have been damaged due to the bad weather, can you just replace 5 of them?

This is not a problem. We can match the new fence panels up with the ones you already have and come and fit them when it is convenient for you.

How often do I need to water my new lawn after it has been layed?

To give your new lawn the best possible start, you need to water it a lot, at least once a day. Especially in the summer months. We will give you all the information you need about your lawn once we have layed it.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of Brecon / Hereford.

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