Undergrowth / Garden Clearance

Jungle Gardens can provide a complete cut back of all bramble, out of control undergrowth, rubbish and all manner of debris including old sheds, greenhouses and out buildings needing removal.

Our professional team come provided with all the latest cutting equipment including chainsaws, hedge cutters, strimmer’s etc.

Our service includes:

  • Tree felling/chipping service
  • Undergrowth clearance
  • Hedge trimming
  • Strimming
  • Waste disposal

Keeping on top of your garden can sometimes get a bit too much for some people especially if you have a busy life. If you want to enjoy your garden rather than spend hours working on it then Jungle Gardens are the company for you.

If your green grass and pretty flowers are hidden under piles of leaves, then we can provide a service that will transform and revive your garden. No matter what state your lawn is in, whether it is extremely overgrown or simply needs a nip & tuck, every garden will receive the exact professional treatment from start to finish.

We can tackle any overgrown garden whatever its size and will return it to a manageable state. Gardens with unwanted trees, out of control undergrowth, rubbish and untidy flowerbeds are the common cause that people contact us for. We will cut back or remove any trees, strip the undergrowth and remove flower beds and shrubs if this is what you desire.  Our services include us clearing and tidying every inch of your outside space, leaving a look of appeal and an inviting feel.

If you have an overgrown garden, then you will notice it is not only the grass that is overgrown, it’s the weeds too. There will be stinging nettles and thorn bushes that can cause unnecessary injuries. We always come fully equipped with the correct overalls and tools to make this job a lot easier.

The waste that is left during and after our garden maintenance service is taken directly to a local recycling plant so even the waste isn’t wasted. We love to do our bit for the environment.

Our professional team will always come provided. That means that all the required equipment such as brooms, buckets, shovels and shears are brought along with us so there is no job that we cannot tackle. If the only access to your garden is through your property then we can assure you that dust sheets will be laid down throughout your house to protect your belongings.

Tree Felling
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