Many dangers could lurk underneath and above the soil in your garden of which only the professionals can see. Tree felling is both a scientific and practical process that looks at the condition of your trees and evaluates the best maintenance options to undertake.


Tree felling is the process of chopping down individual trees section by section, this is called sectional felling. To remove the whole tree in one go would be called straight felling. The process would involve us using ropes and would be used when removing a tree from a small garden. Hand felling is when a saw, axe or chainsaw is used. All very effective methods.

Rot, decay, disease and storm damage can weaken a tree. The British weather creates the perfect climate for these factors and can cause the tree to become unsafe meaning it would need to be removed before it causes any damage. This often requires a professional tree felling service to thoroughly protect the surrounding buildings and people from any damaged trees.  As a customer, it is entirely up to you on what actions to take. However, we may advise that your tree be dismantled and removed if it is a health and safety risk to others. We will leave the stump as close as possible to the ground unless you tell us otherwise. We will then arrange for this to be removed at an additional cost.


On most occasions trees have proven to be sturdy and withstanding features that only require a neat trim. The phrase ‘branch out’ comes from the way in which a tree functions. It is a very natural and common process in a tree’s attempt to gain space and sunlight. However, we can make your neighbours happy by keeping overhanging branches at bay and leave you with a healthy tree.

The branches of a tree can sometimes be diseased. We can remove all of these branches before the rest of the tree becomes infected. We can improve the appearance of many trees just by pruning them. They will then flower more effectively. We do advise that pruning your trees too early could weaken them so a good time to do this would be late summer.

When pruning your trees, we tend to not alter the whole shape but to just remove selected branches that have overgrown and maybe causing nuisance to you and other people. It is a simple task that our experienced staff can do in a matter of time. We use a combination of different techniques that are suitable for each individual trees requirements.

It is amazing how quickly some trees can grow and can be a risk if they are quite near to your property. If you have a tree that is unsafe then it will only take a windy night to maybe blow the tree over or to make the branches fall. Your car might be parked under this tree meaning it can be damaged quite badly. The tree branches could smash a window or worse, they could really hurt somebody. Calling the professionals in to prune the tree can help to prevent this.

Tree Felling
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